Dutch Oven    Bone-In  turkey Breast

If you are looking for a faster way to cook a turkey and your family prefers the white meat, look no further. Roast some vegetables along with the turkey.


bone in, turkey breast


garlic powder

fresh herbs



low sodium broth choice of vegetables

Butter and herbs are the secret to juicy, delicious turkey. Rubbing butter and herbs under and on top of the skin will give tons of flavor and crisp up that skin.

- Rub seasonings and butter onto the turkey and under skin.  Put fresh herbs under the skin. -Roast turkey breast for one hour in 400°F oven.

- Add vegetables and herbs to Dutch oven.  Lower oven to 325°F. Cook Turkey for another hour. The vegetables should be tender-crisp.   Turkey is done when it registers at least 160-165°F.

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