Herb Marinated Asparagus

This zesty marinated asparagus is a very flavorful side dish to serve year round. You can roast it during the cooler months or grill it during the warmer ones.


– olive oil – lemon juice – rice wine vinegar – sherry vinegar – garlic powder – onion powder – salt – red pepper – asparagus


1. Combine marinade ingredients and stir well. 2. Trim asparagus by bending each spear and snapping off the bottom where it naturally breaks off.

3. Place asparagus in plastic bag and pour marinade into bag.  Place in refrigerator. 4. Drain marinade.  Heat the indoor grill pan or outdoor grill to medium high heat.

5. Grill the asparagus until they are fork tender but not overly charred.

cooking tips

– Using thicker asparagus is preferable for the outdoor grill since there is less chance of them getting too charred.