This delicious Asian-inspired stir fry recipe is filled with crunchy vegetables, tender beef and a flavorful sauce. It is much healthier than the Chinese food takeout Moo Shu beef and also has a low carb option in the recipe.

       i                  Ingredients: SAUCE:   hoisen and oyster sauce – garlic paste or garlic powder – ginger paste or ground ginger – granulated sugar or substitute * – bean paste with chili oil  – rice vinegar, soy sauce OTHER INGREDIENTS:  neutral oil such as canola – coleslaw mix, mushrooms 6 green onions, chopped –  lean flank or sirloin steak, sliced into strips  cornstarch or Arrowroot powder,*  – Optional additions: water chestnuts, bamboo shoots or sesame seeds  –  

 Mix the sauce ingredients.  Divide in half. Save half for cooking the beef.  Slice beef, across the grain, into thin strips, about 2 inches long. Place in plastic bag or container and pour half of marinade over beef.   Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Drain beef before frying.



Heat ½ tablespoon oil in large skillet or wok over medium-high heat.  Fry drained beef until lightly browned, about 3 minutes.  Remove the beef to bowl.

Heat remaining oil and fry the cabbage, scallions and mushrooms until softened but still has a bit of crisp to the cabbage.  If you prefer your vegetables fully softened, cook a few minutes longer.  Add beef to pan and reserved sauce.  Bring to boil and stir to combine with beef and vegetables.


You can also add some beef, chicken or vegetable stock to make more sauce.  Serve over white or brown rice, cauliflower rice, tortillas or traditional pancakes.  Garnish with fresh chopped green  onions. Or garnish with sesame seeds and bamboo shoots.



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